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2019 NEWS

Very sadly for the band, but not for Mark, Mark has moved his life to sunnier climes, namely, Cornwall. We thank him for his great service to the band over the past coupe of years and wish him and Jane all the very best in their new lives. The band had a final gig for Mark on 5 Jan 2019 at the Duchess of Kent Pub, Bradford which went down so well that we were immediately rebooked!

The band warmly welcomes Adie Humpoletz to the band who has fitted in so quickly and quietly with most of our tracks well known to him. We are very lucky to have found such a high quality bassist in such a short time which has allowed us continue gigging with practically no break. We are looking forward to a great rocking 2019.

September 7 (Sat), The Traveller's Inn, South Kirkby

Another strange experience as we played to a total audience of 2! With Mark's family and friends, that rose to 6! We were amazing, but our talent fell on non-existent ears. The lovely couple stayed for the whole performance and were BOTH budding bass players. They very nicely asked me at half-time if I (the lead singer) could move over a little please, so that they could have a better view of the bass player!

Many thanks to Mark (who was amazing as ever) for coming all the way up from Cornwall to dep for us as Adie was on holiday.

For a video clip - click here


August 31 (Sat), Private Birthday Party, Newark

Another interesting experience in a tent in a field! At least this time the hosts had provided good lighting along with plenty of food and drink which was freely available. It was a cold night and following an hour of family friend doing a great performance with just a Ukulele and a great voice with covers and originals, the band banged out its stuff into the night. But being cold, the crowd, possibly some 50 or so, were all huddled some twenty yards away round a camp fire which we couldn't see, so that, effectively, we were playing to an empty space - yet again! Feedback however was great and recommendations were promised. We wish Jemma (28) and Ellie (7) happy birthday for that day and for all future birthdays.

For a video clip - click here


Aug 18 (Sun), Millfest Fund Raiser Kirkstall, Leeds

A fun 4-5pm spot to help raise money for Milford Rugby Club, Kirkstall Rd. A great sound engineer made us sound real good and we had a fun hour playing our favourite songs.

For video - Click here


Aug 10 (Sat), Bagby Football Fundraiser, bagby, Thirsk

A classic experience for a rock band! 100 miles north into a small village football field with the rain lashing it down with just a circus tent type marquee (so held up in the middle by two main posts but where they stick up out of the tent - there's a hole!!!), a small barbecue gazebo and a portaloo AND THAT'S IT - and NO LIGHTING WHATSOEVER!!!!

Luckily the band had some "band lighting" which we don't always have with us but certainly saved the day on this occasion. We did a good show but really it was a private party with people doing their own thing and we were just the background music but the feedback was great and the word is that our name is being passed on for other potential upcoming parties.

We performed CREEP for the first time and below is a link to that and a couple of other tracks and stills.

Creep - click here

Locomotive Breath - click here

Day Tripper - Click here


May 25 (Sat), The Queen's Crafthouse, Doncaster

A really really great crowd spurred us on through the whole night, dancing and singing all the way through to our finale of A whole Lotta Love and Whole Lotta Rosie. Really really appreciative and a pleasure to play for. We hope to return one day in the not too distant future.


It was certainly a cosy little corner!

Three videos from the night:

Hoochie Coochie Man (taken by a punter - many thanks) - click here

Moondance - Click Here

Purple Rain - click here

May 18 (Sat), Private Birthday Party, Leeds

A great party set up by Kate for her dad's birthday. It was held upstairs at The . Don't think the venue was ready for the sound of rock! But the party crwod loved it and danced and sang from start to finish. It was nice (for once) for the band to be offered food and drink too. Thank you Kate.

Unfortunately, our videos did not come out well enough to use, so here are three stills and some audio.

PS It was a pleasure to play with Mark again (on bass) who came up all the way from Cornwall to help us out as Adie was unavailable. Don't give up your day job Mark - LOL!


Radar Love

00:00 / 04:45

Smoke on the Water

00:00 / 05:23

Alright Now

00:00 / 05:41

May 4 (Sat), Private Birthday Party, Ripley (Derbs)

A great time was had by all at Ron and Ruth's Wedding Anniversary Party down in Ripley (Derbs). I think we blasted a few old ears early on but by the end, the true rockers were clearly apparent as they danced the night away to ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC!

Enjoy the commemorative video - Click Here

April 13 (Sat), Brewery Tap, Idle,Bradford

Brilliant gig in a brilliant venue that supports live music every single week-end of the year.

Great music loving and very appreciative audience who seemed to love every moment of the show which went really well with the band giving one of its best performances ever.

This Life - click here  /  Purple Rain - click here

Need your love so bad - click here  /  Moondance - click here

Sunshine of your love - click here  /  White Room - click here

Alright Now - click here  /  Honky Tonk Women - click here

Don’t believe a word - click here  /  Hoochie Coochie Man - click here

Locomotive breath - click here  /  Walk in my shadow - click here

Smoke on the water - click here   /  Radar Love - click here


March 8 (Fri), Horse & Groom, Doncaster

Stood in at very late notice due to a cancellation. It was Adie's first full "two set" gig and he did brilliantly.

It was a great pub with a great appreciative crowd even dancing during the sound check!!!!

Everybody enjoyed it and we are welcome back anytime, though they have a very busy schedule!!

The video attached is of WISHING WELL. There's only one video because we were unable to get the video recorders the right side of the PA speakers, so the vocals are a little quiet. Shows off the band well though.


February 9 (Sat), Dewsbury SC, Dewsbury Rd, Leeds

Charity gig in support of the RSPCA we accepted mainly to give Adie and airing and settle his nerves which went to plan.

We were lucky to have a sound engineer provided who got an all round balanced sound for us. We played a great 45 minute set with all of us enjoying ourselves and, in particular, I think, Adie! Confirmed our feelings that Adie was the right man for the job!

Thanks to Mandy for the audio/visual recordings!

Click here for short video

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