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Aug 8th (Saturday) - Marsh Blues & Folk Club, Huddersfield

Sadly this turned out to be the band's last gig. It is a great place to play with a large raised stage, lighting and, on this occasion, a fantastic PA and sound man. We were preceded by tow great acoustic acts, a duo called Last Minute who covered modern pop tracks with great guitar work and a fabulous female vocalist followed by Scott Wainrights's own brand of agressive humour and guitar thunmping - very entertaining.

We did a non-stop one and a half hours and, in all honesty, not our greatest night as we played everything much too fast, a problem we have been suffering from for the past month or so. However, I think we went down well and our speed suited our final two numbers, Stevie Ray Vaughan's "The House is a Rockin" and Chuck Berry's "Johnny B Goode".

Radar Love - YouTube Video

The House is a Rockin' - YouTUbe Video

July 12th (Sunday) - Cask Corner Drive Bar, Doncaster

A lovely little corner bar with a dedicated stage area, great sound equipment/PA and a free sound engineer thrown in to boot. So just bring your back line and away you go! Julie, the lovely owner, is obviously dedicated to making her bar a centre of musical activity in the centre of Doncaster and has varied musical events set for just about every day of the week. So give it a visit and support a venue that is very definitely supporting live music - visit their web page - click here.

There was a lively, enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and extremely appreciative audience who were a pleasure to perform for. We hope that we made some good friends there.

For a live recording with a mimicam giving excerpts from the evening's performance - click here.

Some images from the evening:

May 15th (Friday) - Live at the Lounge


As always, a fabulous venue to play at with a discerning and appreciative audience intermingled with other great musicians playing before and after us.

Like last year, we headlined and had a chance to play perform RADAR LOVE for the first time. Not heard any other band do - this great track. - for youtube video click here

Also, following the sad passing of BB King, we performed THE THRILL IS GONE as a tribute to this legend of the blues. Please note, we had never performed or even rehearsed this track!! You tube video - click here (taken with iphone)

Thank you so much to Ben Travis (who does such an amazing job encouraging youngsters and muci loving amateurs to get up and have a go) for inviting us to play and for furthermore, inviting us back for the Bikers weekend of Friday 28 August

Mar 28th (Saturday) - The Bronte Pub


We lost the pre-booked gig at the Broadway Pub due to a double booking but managed to get this gig as a replacement. Unfortunately, playing at the earlier time of 6pm precluded John (bass) from being to play. So we called in Iain Cunningham from Live at the Lounge to dep for us and he did a great job.

In all honesty, it was our first gig with the all new lineout and we had some hairy moments but overall, we went down very well to a reasonable sized audience.

It was in a marquee and very very very cold. Think Stephen and Mick had problems with cold fingers! However, Budgie had no such problems with his energetic drumming! Also for his third time with the band, he did a fantastic job.

Just three videos to remember this gig by:

Pride and Joy - click here

Cocaine - click here

Don't Believe a Word - click here


Stephen     -     Iain     -     Budgie (drums) - Johnny Gray     -     Mick

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