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October 7 (Saturday), Shears Inn, Liversedge

Lovely pub run by a great landlord, Phil Ward, who brought in some wonderful punters who sat and applauded throughout the two hours performance. Many thanks to them.


Video Clip - click here

September 2 (Saturday), Lowoods WMC, NABD, Charity Show, Deepcar (National Association of Bikers with a Disability)

Fabulous gig for a wonderful charity with a super crowd and a whole bunch of great sound engineers that managed to make us sound good. We played a thoroughly enjoyable hour and half set to a very appreciate audience.

I should also point out that this was our first gig after sadly parting ways with Jack Atkinson (Guitar) who ultimately couldn't spare enough time due to work commitments. I'm sure he misses us as much as we miss him and all the band wish him, Katie and their families all the very best.

Having said that, it was a pleasure to welcome young James (Hudson-Wright) to the line up who played himself in quietly and, considering it was only after about two rehearsals and it being his first proper gig with us, he did a great job filling out our sound playing the intros to This Life and Walking by Myself, and for the latter, the lead as well.

Things are looking bright for the band.

For a synopsis of the show - click here


August 26 (Saturday) - New Delight Inn, Colden, Hebden Bridge

5pm on the Saturday afternoon, Dave contacts all band members saying there's a cancellation in Hebden Bridge and do we want the gig. By 5.10pm, all five members had agreed that they were willing and available!!! As it was such short notice and with James having had only one rehearsal with us, we all agreed that it was best for him to sit this one out but were impressed by his willingness to participate.

The drive down goes through some fabulous old Yorkshire countryside and villages and sat nav took me (Johnny) through the wonderful 'cobbled streeted' 'steep hilled' historical village of Heptenstall. I was amazed to be followed by a bus!

The New Delight Inn is situated all by itself in the middle of this beautiful country side and is a small in with four smallish rooms encircling a central bar. The band completely filled one of these rooms and began the two 45 minutes plus sets at 9.30pm. We finished at 11.45 with an encore (Superstition) requested by the landlord.



August 5 (Saturday) - Cancer Charity Show, Newport (Nr. Hull)

Lovely crowd. Lovely Sunny Day. Great lorry setting playing straight across small (closed) lane to pub garden party. We were well received with a member of the audience buying all the band a drink, which was really nice of him. Sadly, Jack was unavailable and even more sadly, Jack will no longer be playing with us due to too many commitments eslewhere. All the band thank him for his time and effort over tha past year and wish him all the best of luck for him and Katie in the coming years. We still hope to see him from time to time.  

Also a big huge thanks to John Gladstone (former erstwhile bass player for the band) who stepped in at the last minute to make it possible for us to make the gig as Mark had to drop-out at the last second.

Some photos and videos from the day below

VIDEO - Sweet Home Chicago (Sound Check) - click here

VIDEO - Black Night - click here

VIDEO - Smoke on the Water - click here


July 7 (Friday) - Tony and Jo's Wedding, Bradford

What a great night for everybody. Dave


arrived late from work but it turned out a bonus because we played almost non stop from 9pm to 11.30pm (15 minute break in t'middle). We realised early on that the wedding party was up for a night of dancing and kept our upbeat tempo all the way through. The videos below show the revellers having fun and on one of them, Tush 2 minutes in (ZZ Top), the bride, Jo, can be seen dashing madly from one side of the dance floor to the other.!!!

It was a pleasure for the band to entertain such a happy and vivacious audience.

(Oh and many thanks to the mistery lady drummer who popped up on the middle of Whole Lotta Love to entertain herself (mostly!!).

We wish Tony and Jo all the best in the future.

You can see:

TUSH - click here

SHARP DRESSED MAN - click here



June 25 (Sunday) - Pudsey Congs, Pudsey

Four piece (due to Jack's calling away) had a rocking good time off the edge of the PA lorry. Good fun as one can make as much noise as one wants. Good show.

One 45 minute set recorded below.

Part 1 - Click here

Part 1 - Click here

June 6 (Saturday) - The Swan, Meltham

Filled in last minute, due to cancellation. Good crowd with many dancing outside and an excellent 2 x 45 minute sets. Thank you so much to the landlady for the invite wo was so delighted that she invited us back for end of year.

NEED YOUR LOVE SO BAD (Cover) - Click here

April 16 (Easter Sunday) - The Market Hotel, Elsecar, Barnsley

Great gig. Wonderful management. Wonderful appreciative crowd, many of whom danced and came up to chat to us and congratulate us afterwards. Many thanks too, to Bob who came up and guested with us on his "spoons". I think they could just about be heard when we miked them up! He features in the video below.

This was a repeat gig from last year and we hope to come back many times in the future.

We performed three new tracks for us - Mistreated (Deep Purple Cover), Your Really Got Me (Kinks Cover), Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne Cover)

Enjoy the music from the YouTube videos below.

MISTREATED (Deep Purple Cover) - click here

YOU REALLY GOT ME (Kinks Cover) - click here - with BOB on SPOONS

February 3 (Friday) - The Northern Pub


Firstly, I have to say that we bid a fond farewell to Shaun Stevens, our drummer of 2016 who took us through some great and memorable gigs. His playing style was unique and he really rocked for us. We wish him well with his future ventures and very much hope that we will see him at future gigs.

We are pleased to welcome Matt Webster as our new drummer and you will see from the videos below that he has fitted into the band beautifully and done it in a remarkably short time.

We had a great gig at The Northern with a small but appreciative audience. Many thanks again for the continued support of Katie's family and, of course, chief groupie, Mandy LOL. As ever, the band is very grateful for Mandy's hard work in helping us set up and take down all the gear.

Enjoy the music from the YouTube videos below.

BLACK NIGHT (Deep Purple Cover) - click here

SMOKE ON THE WATER (Deep Purple Cover) - click here

LOCOMOTIVE BREATH (Jethro Tull Cover) - click here

HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN (Blues Classic) - click here

ALL YOUR LOVE (Otis Rush Cover) - click here

PRIDE AND JOY (Stevie Ray Vaughan Cover) - click here

ARMED AND READY (Michael Schenke Group Cover) - Click here

RADAR LOVE (Golden Earing Cover) - click here

WALK IN MY SHAree Cover) - Click here

WISHING WELL (Free Cover) - Click here

ALRIGHT NOW (Free Cover) - Click here

PURPLE RAIN (Prince Cover) - Click here

A NEW DAY YESTERDAY (Joe Bonamassa Cover) - Click here

SUPERSTITION (Stevie Wonder Cover) - Click here

WHOLE LOTTA ROSIE (AC/DC Cover) - Click Here

SHAKIN' ALL OVER (Johnny Kid and The Pirates Cover) - Click Here

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