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About Johnny Gray

Johnny Gray has been writing original songs since 1971 when he first took up the electric guitar. He was teaching in Plymouth at the time and formed a band called K.OS (pronounce Chaos) with two young talented musicians, Alan Moore on drums and Chris Doel on lead vocals. Johnny played rhythm guitar in this three piece outfit but vocally, restricted himself to harmony backing vocals, not considering himself to be a singer at all.

Although the band concentrated on popular songs from Elvis Presley and the Beatles and pop songs actually in the charts at the time such as Wishing Well by Free and Jean Genie by David Bowie, it did also include some of Johnny's original songs which were always well received. The band even went into the recording studio to record some of Johny's original material. Sadly, at the time of writing, the results of that recording session have been lost.

In 1973, Johnny moved away from Plymouth to begin work in Southhampton. Although he continued writing, he found no outlet for their performance but did commit the great majority to cassette tape.

Sadly, from 1980 to 2004, Johnny didn't write, play or sing a single note as he found himself in a marriage which prevented him from doing so.

However, upon release from that marriage and re-married to his new and lovely wife, Angie, who very much encourages Johnny's musical activities, he has had an outpouring of original material (mainly in the Blues, Rock, Pop and Country field) - finalising in excess of 200 original songs in that time.

They are all showcased at http:/ he features as the number 1 rock artist for Leeds (at the time of writing November 2013).and at this time of review (August 2015).

It is only in the last three years that Johnny has considered himself a viable rock singer. The credit goes to Dave Myatt (The Johnny Gray Band's rhythm/lead guitarist and co-founder) who dragged Johnny out of the woodwork for an audition as lead vocalist for a forming rock band in 2011.

With Dave's encouragement and tutoring, Johnny has now developed into a powerful and authentic rock vocalist with a voice that at times matches that of the all time greats such as - Joe Cocker, Tom Waits, Eric Clapton, Paul Rogers, Rory Gallagher etc.

Note: Sadly, Dave Myatt decided to leave the band in November 2014.

Johnny Gray Solo Performances of his own music:

Johnny enjoys performing his own songs but is aware that audiences do have a great preference for songs that they know and can relate to, so at the moment, will be only very sparsely including his songs in THE JOHNNY GRAY BAND's set list.

However, he does offer an excellent 2 hour plus set - where he performs his original material to backing tracks and if you would be interested in booking him for that set,

then please contact him on 07528788919.

Remember, his original music can be heard at

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