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Nov 18 (Friday) - The New Roscoe


A great gig with an appreciative audience and some dancers (see videos). Dave Myatt got the sound set up just right and we crashed through both sets without any mishaps (not discernible to the audience anyway!!). Nice to have Jack's family there and Mrs Johnny Gray too (thought there was a lot of screaming)!!!!!!!

Did some our newer more difficult material too - Armed and Ready, Purple Rain, A New Day Yesterday. The band now has almost 50 tracks to choose from.


A New Day Yesterday -

Purple Rain -

Walking by Myself -

Don't Believe a Word -

Armed and Ready -

Locomotive Breath -

The Thrill is Gone -


Nice to see Shaun - the drummer - hard at work as always


Johnny seen between the dancers

Oct 28 (Friday) - LiveattheLounge


Headling set at 10pm. Sad to say not a great crowd present, but those that were there, were extremely appreciative of what turned out to be an excellent set. Many congratulations were forthcoming and we were approached for two possible gigs next year. The band was tight and rocking. Good stuff

Here are some YouTube video links to the night:

Black Night - click here

Smoke on the Water - Click here

Hoochie Coochie Man - Click here

Black Magic Woman - Click here

Whole Lotta Rosie - Click here

RocknRoll - Click here


Oct 21 (Friday) - The Lion


Following Jack's two week holiday, we bounced back with a lively performance at The Lion in Castleford. A small pub but big hearted with loyal rock and blues fans supporting us for our two full hour sets where we performed Brown Sugar and Purple Rain for the first time.

It was a big compliment to get £50 in the bucket. Very much appreciate and many thanks.

Many dancing at the end to Whole Lotta Rosie, RocknRoll and we obliged them by slotting in The House is a Rockin to keep on the floor and stay on the floor they did!!!

Unfortunately, we have no video footage for this gig as the little camera mic couldn't cope with the huge wall of sound!!!! Here are a couple of pics. Nice to see all five members!!!!


Sept 17 (Saturday) - Bank Top Pub


Last minute arrangement due to last minute cancellation, we did a two hour set with just our 4 piece set up as unfortunately Jack was unavailable due to heavy work commitments. Good gig for our first 4 piece outing and with a good crowd inside and outside. Great in-house sound setup and engineer.

Locomotive Breath - click here

The Thrill is Gone - click here

Need Your Love so Bad - click here

Aug 28 (Sunday) - The Market Hotel


Great gig with a good two hour set list. Everybody on cracking form and a right knowledgeable and supportive crowd. Learned that we need to work up on HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Nice to see Jane and Julie again. Musn't forget Mandy (Dave Myatt's wife) who attended as always - our indispensible roadie and ears!!!!

Here are some videos from the night:

Medley - click here

Pride and Joy - click here

Cocaine - click here

Locomotive Breath - click here

Hoochie Coochie Man - click here

Black Magic Woman - click here

Armed and Ready - click here


Aug 26 (Friday) - LiveattheLounge


Nice gig - a little disappointing regards numbers in the audience as it was biker's Week-end - I think the Malt Shovel across the road hogged the limelight with their live music blasting out across the village centre!!! Still it was lovely to meet and see Mark's wife Jane and Jack's mum, Julie, for the first time. Lovely people and they really enjoyed the show.

Here is a brief compilation of the evening's show - click here


Check out Shaun "The Animal" Stevens on drums!!!!

Aug 19 (Friday) - The Church House Pub


Great gig. Busy full pub with loads of musical talent. Becky preceded us with half an hour of great kareoke singing with her very proud birthday dad John enjoying every moment. Think we nearly blew the roof off, but went down a storm and Bev Calladine of "Boog and the Woogs" and "Pressplay" from Boussac France rocked away taking the lead vocals on Knock Knock Knocking on Heavens Door, Nutbush City Limits, Long Train Running, You Really Got me, Rock'n'Roll and Rocking in the Free World.

Looking forward to playing there again soon.


Aug 6 (Saturday) - The Miller's Bar


Beer festival attended by several hundred enjoying the beautiful weather and canal side garden. The band played brilliantly though inside and so didn't get to see much of the audience!! But we did receive a great number of positive comments and we performed two new songs:

A NEW DAY YESTERDAY (Jethro Tull/Joe Bonamassa) - YouTube Link - click here and

ARMED AND READY (Michael Schenke Group) YouTube Link - click here


July 30 (Saturday) - The Whistlestop Pub

Beeston, Leeds

Lovely pub (very recently refurbished) and with a lovely knowledgeable audience who rocked along with us and cheered us brillianlty. We all had a great night. Band played really well and from the videos, you will see and hear that Shaun was in great (thumping) form. Than k you also to several members of the audience who helped us pack up all our gear and carry it out to our cars - no, they were NOT throwing us out. Indeed, we hope to be playing there again in the not too distant future.

Video of Walk in my Shadow (Free) - Click here

Video of Radar Love (Golden Earing) - Click here







May 22nd (Sunday) - The Birdwell


Great gig to a lovely audience.Lovely management and can't wait to play there again.

Video of Wishing Well - Click here


April 15th (Friday) - The New Roscoe


A great night was had by all with the band in really good form and a great audience which showed much appreciation. Poor old Shaun drummed himself to a stand still!!

Unfortunately, the video camera didn't capture all but luckily did capture the opening three songs when the camera woman thought it was off - hence the strange angle!!! Also, poor old Jack gained a PA Speaker for a face!!!

Click here for Pride and Joy/Cocaine and Locomotive Breath.


March 19th (Saturday) - Alwoodley Community Centre.


Steady night with a few technical glitches but that being the main reason for this gig - a time and place to get familiar with our PA set up. The band leaned a lot ready for The New Roscoe.

Unfortunately, there is no footage of this gig just a few stills.


Feb 19th (Friday) - Live at the Lounge


Great to play here once again with the super friendly and knowledgeable audience. It was the FIRST gig with our new line up and it all went very well with just a few hiccups, most caused by poor old Shean on drums suffering from "disappearing drums" as there nothing to stop them moving forwards and out of his reach as he played. Those who have the band over the years hailed this line-up as the best yet.

This was our set list with some big numbers in there.

Walk in my shadow -

Wishing well -

Alright Now -

Hoochie Coochie Man -

Need Your Love So Bad (with guest - Jo Campbell) -

Don't believe a word -

Walking by Myself -

WE WILL ROCK YOU/ Whole Lotta Rosie -

Whole Lotta Love -

Rockin in the free world -


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